PLAN 1661

Baan Rim Ping

The main concept of the house depicts exposure to the landscape and linkage to the traditional Thai way of living. Spaces that serve as center point are living areas, in which family spend the most of the time, and this side has the most connections with nature. The border between indoor and outdoor is blurred, as nature is invited to step in the environment of the house and be part of the domestic events. Left and right of the living area are situated family areas, and directed towards the river, and the incredible views. Besides this main areas, house has rooms such as elderly room, service room, guest room and sauna. Kitchen and dining spaces are next to family area at the right side, also opened to the nature and backyard. Main connection between house and nature is step-like terrace which actually represents the blurry border between the two.

Areas along the river bank at present-day city used to host several ancient towns which played a major role as strategic front-lines since Sukhothai was the kingdom's capital down through the times of Ayutthaya and early-Rattanakosin (Bangkok) eras. The name Kamphaeng Phet actually means "wall as hard as diamonds". The wall that surrounds the city had defensive character for military in the past, and today stands for the culture and as a reminder.

Ruen Thai: Term “House” has always been representative of evolution of the human race through history, and over the time being. If we analyze the very origin it represents the human shelter.

Shan Ruen: It means “terrace” and stands for the open space between the objects that are connected through this area made of wood. If we want to add new space-new rooms at our location, it will be easier to connect them through the terrace, which is in the middle, with other parts of the house. Positive side of Shai Ruen is that when you have guests you don’t need to mix private and semi-private spaces of your home, because you have a terrace that is isolated and at the same time connected to everything. One of the positive things is that this space provides eye adjusting, for example if it’s dark outside, you come from the dark to the terrace, which has some medium lightning and then inside so you have slowly adjusting.

House on stilts (I think it should be pillars): This concept has evolved for a number of reasons, just one of those are: prevention fr om the flood, ventilation and circulation of the air, protection from wild animals and burglars, providing open space with shadow (underneath the house at ground floor) to rest and socialize with family.

Baan Rim Ping

  • Building area: 1.500 sqm
  • Land Use: 20.000 sqm
  • Location: Nakornchum Kamphaengphet
  • Project cost: 120 Million Baht
  • Project status: Completed


  • Urban Regeneration
  • Green Building & LEED
  • Renovation
  • Ecological Restoration